VCAP6-Design DCV study guide


VCAP6-Design exam is one of those exams you cannot expect to pass at first try. The exam consists of 17 questions, around 7 questions for design and then 10 drag and drop questions. As said it is not an easy exam, you need to be familiar with almost all VMware products and know what they do and can achieve. You are not expected to know in deep all products but at least know the basics of it, so that’s why it is recommended to check many of the White pappers VMware has. If you have before passed VCAP5-DCD the good news is that some of the exam materials are the same so you will be familiar with it. If that’s your first VCAP Design exam no worries, there are plenty of material and books you can use to pass the exam.

In any case I have used the following resources to attend the exam:

  • VMware vSphere design book by Forbes Guthrie and Scott Lowe. Note that the book is based on vSphere 5.x but still it covers most the things you need to pass the exam.
  • Networking for VMware Administrators by Christopher Wahl and Steven Pantol.
  • Official Cert Guide VCAP-DCD by Paul MCSharry.
  • Mastering VMware vSphere 6 by Nick Marshall
  • Check VCAP6 Design study group
  • fantastic guide done by Jason Grierson!

Tips to pass the exam at first try:

  • Take time to study all the materials, lots of reading is needed
  • Make sure to know well what are requirements, constraints and risks, you will find many of these questions and even they don’t weight as design questions you can loose many points.
  • Once on the exam make sure to read all the questions 2-3 times or more and do only what are you told to.
  • On design questions read the instructions on how to draw it, usually it is stated on the bottom of the question.
  • While reading design questions read carefully as sometimes they put requirements between lines without saying it is a ”requirement”
  • Do not overdo answers and do it simple.


Good luck!!! I will start doing a Study guide with some of the most important topics to pass the exam, hope it helps you to pass the exam at first try!


Study guide (… Under construction… )

Gather information, get Requirements and Create a design

Risks, Constraints and Assumptions

Storage design considerations

Network design

vCenter and PSC

Site Recovery Manager, VDP and vSPhere Replication.




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